The Importance Of Lifeful Life

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In modern society very few people are living a meaningful life, where they are happy to live their lives on a daily basis doing something that enriches their happiness. The majority in the other hand live their lives in different ways: They live in the future for which most of their dreams and goals are set, they live in a mechanical life, or they try to understand this world to find it meaning. The way the most people live their life is not meaningful, they waste most of their time waiting for something, as a habit and they forget to enjoy their present time. Such way of living has no meaning and is not worth living. In modern society, the majority of people live their lives for the future. Their dreams and goals are set at the end of a…show more content…
“Likewise and during every day of an unillustrious life, time carries us” (p. 13) the majority live only for the future, and so they wait patiently for it to come. They are constantly waiting for a day to be happy, and forget to enjoy their lives. Therefore they forget to live a worthy life. Most people in our current society are living a mechanical life, which is not worth living at all. “Rising, streetcar, four hours in the office or the factory, meal, streetcar, four hours of work, meal, sleep, and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday according to the same rhythm-this path is easily followed most of the time” (p.12-13) most people are living their lives as an habit, without questioning their actions. Their life is a repetitive circle that has no meaning and value. They do as they are suppose to without actually thinking what they are doing and without taking advantage of their time. The majority of people in modern society waste their entire lives working for others to earn a wage and be able to pay their bills. They enter a cycle that is comfortable until one day they get tired and start questioning if there is a meaning to keep living a life as they have live so far, thus they realized they have wasted most of their time and they have no more time to enjoy. “Living, naturally, is never easy. You continue
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