The Importance Of Lifelong Learning ( Lll ) And Continuing Professional Development

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This essay will discuss the significance of Lifelong Learning (LLL) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in relation to adult nursing. It has been suggested that LLL is too difficult to define, however it has been suggested that it is participated throughout life. It is important to discuss LLL, as it has many benefits within the healthcare system, as well as everyday life. This essay will explore reflection as a skill important to adult nurses, as this is vital in order to evaluate their own learning, which can encourage improvement of LLL. Reflection in action and on action can also influence the successful outcome of LLL. The attribute chosen to discuss will be self-motivation, due to the fact that this can lead to more …show more content…

Laal (2011) has put forward that in modern contexts, LLL is used in everyday life, including classroom settings, in employment, with the family, and in wider society. This is important in order to make CPD an easier task, as there are many different settings that utilise LLL.
CPD is vital in the field of adult nursing, as healthcare is frequently being modified and amended. This is due to many factors, such as changes of policies, which results in changes to the way adult nurses care for patients (Narayanasamy and Narayanasamy 2007). The purpose of these policies is to ensure patients are being cared for in a safe environment. Additionally, nurses are required to keep up to date with amended procedures in order to ensure patients are receiving safe and effective treatment (Eason 2010). This is vital in order to ensure patient safety and efficient treatment, not only for the benefit of the patient but also because nurses are responsible for issues arising with a patient’s care, and are potentially liable for mistakes arising from incorrect procedure. LLL is also imperative in order to meet the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), as without which the adult nurse would be removed from the register. These requirements are put into place in order to ensure that the patients are as safe as possible in their environment. Adult nurses are also required to keep up with important advances within the NHS (Narayanasamy and Narayanasamy 2007), such

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