The Importance Of Modern Media

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Modern Media Today’s society revolves around the media. It is in sync with the clicks of a keyboard and with the voices on the television. Every day individuals find it arduous to stroll down the street without hearing the latest presidential or local controversy. Most toon into the news every morning and night, like clockwork. Some cannot function without technology and media for extended periods of time. Over generations, the media has been shaped by the social environment of the time period. For example, the climate of 2017 has made audiences question the media. Nevertheless, even though it may be unreliable and dishonest, the media is still necessary for the intent of keeping the public informed and entertained. The media has always had two main purposes, and by accomplishing them, companies hope to get more allegiance from their viewers. To keep the audiences watching, and furthermore keep money flowing, the media educates and captivates people. To keep the business afloat they want to show viewers what they want to see. Gladstone explains this through a comparison of a myriad of mirrors. Even if they are not completely clear you can always find yourself, and the people around you, inside (Gladstone xxi). Gladstone also questions, “ Are you safer not knowing if a company dumps poison in your river? … Are you safer not knowing why we invaded Iraq? (Gladstone 31). Knowledge is power, and the media provides that knowledge about things or places that otherwise,

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