The Importance Of Music In Education

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Music is everywhere, in the classrooms, at a job site, in family houses, music is anywhere where there is air and it is played throughout the world daily. Some people like Ribeiro and Santos who published an article about music helping math students thinks music in an educational setting is beneficial for learning (Ribeiro, Fabiana Silva and Flávia H. Santos, 2017) Some people like the Kent and Sussex Courier who published an article on how the Kent police station put a bunch of money towards getting music in the station say that having music on the radio stations in their place of work is beneficial as well (The Kent and Sussex Courier, 2013). Using music as a therapy tool according to the journal of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is beneficial for those who have COPD (Ho, Chiung-Fang, et al, 2017). Boethius would say that in these settings music is acceptable, but depending on what kind of music is being played. Mo Tzu on the other hand would say that music is a waste of time in the educational setting, work place, home life, and even those who are ill. In the article Enhancement of Numeric Cognition in Children with Low Achievement in Mathematic After a Non-Instrumental Musical Training is geared towards showing how music can be helpful with math problems. Some studies suggest that musical training with help the success in learning mathematical concepts. This study was done by grouping primary school children into two separate groups depending on their

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