The Importance Of Patient Education And The Care Of A Nurse

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There are many attributes that are important in order to provide quality nursing care. One of these aspects is patient education. Teaching a patient is important because it provides the patients with the information they need to take care of their health concerns when they are no longer in an environment that has nursing or medical supervision. Providing patient education can also reduce a lot of fear and anxiety that comes with dealing with new health concerns that may be unfamiliar to the patient and their family. As technology advances teaching aids have become more accessible to patients and nurses. Teaching can be provided through pamphlets, information packages and sessions, websites and seminars. While a patient is in the care of a nurse it is important that they are constantly provided with appropriate education and access to learning aids. The case study chosen for this paper is on Joseph a 19 year old football player. Joseph has had an injury that has restricted him from playing for the next season. Teammates have noticed that Joseph has started to distance himself from football related things, begun to stay in more and gain weight. They are worried and have urged him to see the team nurse.

Whilst analyzing the clients nursing care needs the nurse will see where there is a need for education (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro & Taylor, 2013). The learning needs will then become implemented in the care plan. The teaching process requires assessment

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