The Importance Of Play On The Learning Environment And The Benefits It Has For Children

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1. Introduction to TMA.
The objective for this assignment is to show the advantages of ‘play’ and ‘creativity’ in the learning environment and the benefits it has for children, as well as to understand why giving children the opportunity to play and be creative, enhances their learning, and how it plays a vital role in their development. In addition, I will look at how creativity is encouraged on The Open University DVD, audio visual sequence number 6 ‘Pop Stars’, and how a game played by children during their golden time, demonstrates learning through play.
Play is valuable in school, as it enables children to freely express themselves. This may occur during social interactions with their peers or as an individual. Play provides a valuable opportunity for a child to use their imagination as a tool for learning, by extracting and processing new information in regard to the world around them. This is supported by Lev Vygotsky a psychologist, who believed that “play led children’s development, as it could enable them to step outside their actual lives to explore, through imagination, a wider set of meanings and understanding”.(Study topic 13, page 165).
As well as play, ensuring creative practice is carried out effectively in school is also beneficial to the children. “Creative learning happens when adult creativity comes together with opportunity for children to be creative”. (Study topic 14, page 190). Teachers can plan activities where by creative practice is included,

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