The Importance Of Positive School Culture

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Some of the best education and successful schools are centered around a positive school environment that provides opportunities for students to learn and grow at rigorous instructional levels. Schools that promote a school culture where teachers constantly professionally develop as educators and students are held to high expectations yields high results of student and teacher success. A school’s culture along with its instructional program works simultaneously to ensure educational achievement.
This paper will highlight the components and strategies to aid in the promotion of a strong instructional program and positive school culture. The information will entail how the leadership of school staff supports establishing a school atmosphere where staff and students flourish. Different aspects will be discussed such as; school culture, instructional program, supervision, and technology as they are all related to the structure of the school culturally and instructionally. Furthermore, ways to accomplish all of these working together for the greater good within the school will be suggested.
School Culture (ELCC 2.1)
One of the most important things of a school is its culture. The culture of the school impacts parents and students stemming from custodial staff, cafeteria staff, to teachers. Each worker in the school is responsible for aiding and maintaining a positive school culture. The culture of the school should promote an environment with high expectations from everyone. On
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