Why Is Poverty Impossible For The World

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The world is surrounded by several major problems which make it impossible for the world to exist in a peaceful manner. The world is corrupted by wealth/greed, surrounded by poverty, and riddled with disease. The world has turned people’s poverty into their wealth, many industries focus primarily on the poor due to the ability to take advantage of them. The poor can't defend themselves without a leader or representative body, and most lack the funds to create one, creating a never ending cycle of poverty and oppression. Poverty can be ended, the way I would approach it is not simple at all, but the initiatives I would personally are to focus on a foundation for each country, to have a outline of how to develop their economy in order to make it sustainable. Reason being, is because i'm sick of seeing the rest of the world flourish while the others suffer. One way I would approach poverty is to work with the United Nations in order to focus on each of the major nations enthralled in poverty. First of all I would need to convince the UN to send funds to the nation, in order to begin the whole process. If the country is successful have them repay the UN, so that the UN doesn't go in debt. I’d focus on what the nation has to offer for a economic betterment, and have it focus on that. After that, I’d have the nation create an economy based around this system and develop a reliable and trustworthy currency, which won't inflate easily and will sustain all of the nation’s

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