The Importance Of Professional Nursing Organizations

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You may ask what is a Professional Nursing Organization? A professional nursing organization is an organization that advocates for and promotes nursing along with the code of ethics. Professional nursing organizations do many things they advocate for the nurses that belong to their organizations, they offer scholarships in certain student professional nursing organizations, they promote the interaction of nurses through conferences and meetings. Most professional nursing organizations hold high ethical expectations. Nursing organizations promote the profession of nursing, advocate for those that belong to their organization, provide opportunities for those in their organization to interact with one another, and focus on issues that affect nursing and patient care. Professional nursing organizations benefit nurses as well as the rest of society. The first professional nursing organization was the Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada which later became the American Nurses Association. The Associated Alumnae of the United States and Canada was founded in 1896. It then became the American Nurses Association in 1911. This organization was brought about mainly to advocate for those who belong to the organization as well as promote nursing. Most professional nursing organizations were brought about due to societal change as well as have a focus on a specific area or topic. Professional nursing organizations promote interaction and discussion of trends among their members. The organization's advocacy is based on the moral ethics and principals of the nursing profession. Some professional nursing organizations have lobbyists that speak up for the rights of their members. The lobbyists reach out to the members through social media and by using social media the lobbyists get feedback more quickly and can speak for millions while they are lobbying. 3 The American Nurses Association is a nursing organization for all registered nurses. The ANA created and wrote the Nursing Code of Ethics. They keep up with and maintain the code of ethics to make sure all their members are held to high standards. This organization holds nursing panels and forums to evaluate the care their nurses of the organization

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