The Importance Of Proofreading

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I was able to fix the errors seen in writing by incorporating the ability of proofreading backwards. When you read from top to bottom, your paper may take on a perfect appeal that is not evocative of the mistakes made on your part as the writer of the document. Proofreading backwards allowed me to interpret my writing from a different point of view and gave me the vision necessary to catch the mistakes that I overlooked when I was revising my work. My researching skills improved due to my knowledge of the libraries extensive database. When I used the libraries database, I was able to access a wide variety of features such as Credo and NC Live to research my topic through a wide variety of credible sources. This allowed me to carry out my research with an open mind as I reviewed the work of other scholars, professors, and professional writers who offered their own unique perspective on the topic that I was researching. …show more content…

By showing me the importance of creativity, consolidation, and perception when it comes to planning a professionally made document, the library database would be influential in helping me to become the avid researcher that I am

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