The Importance Of Running An Office In Texas

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Bhattarai 2
Laxman Bhattarai Gov2306-71001 Prof. 1 Sharifian 30 October 2017
2 Running an office is not an easy job at all. And in Texas it might be more difficult looking to its size and dense population. If you were running a government of the political party than it should not only be a policy in a platform. You should dedicate lots of things in it. You need to dedicate your time, use your knowledge and talent to operate it smoothly. Most importantly you need huge amount of money to run office in Texas.
Spending the money in election depends on how large the area is. You need to spend more amount of money if the number of voters or the state that you were running is large. According to the source in Texas to run an office as a Texas …show more content…

That means I will be mainly focusing to control the crime rate in Texas and preservation and conservation of natural resources artificial resources and wildlife in Texas. I need to get help from various volunteering groups who were operating as an anti-criminal organization. For example, Texas Moratorium Network and Texas Patriots PAC. This organization is working to control the crime rate and the conservation of resources in Texas respectively. So, the two-interest group who will support me for the election were the one who wants to control or end the criminal activities and conserve the resources in Texas. And two groups who will oppose me in the election are the one who were engaged in the criminal activities and the ones who were destructing the environment and the resources as it will be difficult for them to continue their work if I won the election.
My slogan for the election is “Let Texas Move Ahead”. I chose this slogan because Texas is left far behind in terms of civilization and development in comparison to the other state in the north. Criminal activities are hindering the state from moving ahead to its pace, so I thought this slogan suits much. The campaign sign for the election is mentioned below:
I will seek for the endorsement of Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio who has his own campaign for the conservation of resources. He is one of the most actively engaged person to conserve the resource and control the crime around the world.

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