The Importance Of School Uniforms

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I will prove that every school should have school uniforms.first off,school uniforms help improve focus.also,the grade point average of most students.lastly,helps stops bullying.Why my debate matters. School uniforms help improve focus.From an expert source “with no easy way to stand out among the crowd, students might find it worthwhile to do so the hard way by attention to their studies.”First off,without recognizing your friends it is easier to get to class on time and with all that time think about how well you can do without the destruction of your friend and that might help you try to do well.From school uniforms bring focus “De-emphasizing the social aspects of school in favor of intellectual pursuits would greatly improve the…show more content…
Though it may seem completely illogical to think that what a student wears can have an effect on their grades, numerous studies have proven this to be true.”Finally,this shows that the grades are changing for the more distracted students in the class and it is for their best interest and this a way we can create an entirely new future for us that can change for more than the us but for the world. How many times when you were a kid and you were bullied by someone chust by the content of your clothes. From a credible source “roughly 160,000 children miss school daily due to to fear of attack and or intimidation by other students. because everyone would be dressed the same, students would not be bullied because of their clothing. In addition, uniforms promote safety because if an intruder walked into school, it would be easier to spot them because they would not be wearing the uniform.”Firstly,More kid in the US get bullied more than they should and more and more schools lose posible students and more parents get sued because of what their kids did to one of their peers like for example I myself almost went to this school where a 10 year old girl
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