The Importance Of Security

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Prioritization is an important element of any security strategy. Once a risk assessment is performed we can start building systems that protect what is most vulnerable and essential. Since breaches can happen at all levels of the city government, it is also important to develop protocols that can be leveraged by federal, state and local officials. Further adoption of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework would help provide robust protection for public-sector organizations and citizens alike, at the same time also reducing the administrative burden and uncertainty for smaller agencies (Daley, 2016). Take an Intelligence-led, Analytics-based Approach Effective cybersecurity can no longer rely on a …show more content…

Invest in Cybersecurity Talent No cybersecurity initiative can succeed without the proper talent to back it up. Unfortunately, many government organizations are finding themselves short on the skills and competencies required to stave off digital threats due to budget constraints. Also, not being adequately equipped to conduct threat and vulnerability assessments is a major short fall. To prepare for the next wave of digital threats, all government-sector leaders must allocate resources to build a strong cybersecurity team. Investment should not only be made in equipment and in personnel but also in cybersecurity education and training. City officials deterred by the idea of additional spending should consider the potential cost of a data breach. In today’s data-driven world, a reactive approach to cybersecurity will not cut it. By developing a robust, proactive cybersecurity strategy, government agencies will be better equipped to prepare for, prevent and resolve digital threats into the future (Daley, 2016). Digital Forensics A forensic team will identify direct evidence of a crime, digital forensics can be used to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources. This team will also be assigned to investigate and process systems encompasses seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition) and analysis

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