The Importance Of Service Improvement Practices

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Phillip Shuler Kristin Twomey Luke Jarvis Ashland Resort Literature Review The Importance of Service Dickinson (2015) stresses the importance of service improvement practices. “Service improvement practices are a method, process, and way-of-doing-things with the purpose of improving customer service processes by increasing service delivery performance and conformance quality and/or reducing their cost” (Dickinson, 2015). The author shows us how to effectively use service improvement practices through surveys that allow us to interact with the customer. The common challenge across the most adopted service improvement practices is reaching out for criticism (Dickinson, 2015). Reaching out to customers and accepting their criticism …show more content…

Researchers have continued to solidify the results of the original study by Mannell and Iso-Ahola’s in 1987 that states one of the motivation dimension that cause people to go out and recreate is the “excitement/thrills” dimension (Meng, et al., 2008). This dimension proves that when customers come to an organization with the mindset of seeking excitement and a thrill they may have a more positive perception of the customer service they receive from the employees. In the case of a theme park customers are paying for the excitement and then thrill, and the customer service will be perceived as greater given the circumstances. This will work to the benefit of the business before the experience begins. However, in the event of a negative customer service experience between the customer and the employee it will appear as much poorer customer service than if the excitement and thrill factor was not in play. In conclusion, the findings of the studies support the existing theories on the relationship between quality and motivation and satisfaction with behavioral intentions (Zeithaml et al., 1996). Zeithaml theory states that when the customer’s perception for the service is high, behavioral intentions are favorable and strengthen the relationship of customer with the organization (Zeithaml et al., 1996). On the other side, when the evaluation of service quality is low, behavioral intentions of the customers are not favorable with the

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