The Importance Of Sexual Assault

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On September 22nd, 2017, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos announced that the formal rescinding of Obama-era guidelines regarding sexual assault on federally funded college campuses. These guidelines, commonly known as the “dear colleague letter,” worked under Title IX federal law to require a minimum standard of action that must be taken when allegations are made by or against a student. The most notable characteristic of the guidelines was the lowered the standard of proof necessary for universities to take action against individuals accused of sexual assault.
The “dear colleague letter” was, in part, a response to the common behavior of universities to overlook allegations in fear of negative publicity. U.S. Secretary of …show more content…

He advocates for the individual and acknowledges the power of their agency but under certain administration, agency has a limit to what it can produce and that is what we are seeing today. Once a culture has been through a revitalization movement, the last of the major tasks that a society must accomplish for a successful revitalization movement is known as routinization. If the new group action is effective in reducing stress it will be established as normal in different institutions and customs. Routinization was indeed achieved by the American culture and is exemplified when sexual assault allegations are not taken seriously or handled properly, especially by universities where rapes are most common, and the instinctive reaction is outrage and dissatisfaction. There now exists an expectation to protect student’s rights to their own bodies no matter age, race, or any other characteristic.
This caused immense dissatisfaction among victims, loved ones, and bystanders. Statistics showing that one in four college women report sexual assault demonstrate just how prominent this phenomenon is in American culture. The lack of political effort to move American away from

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