The Importance Of Space Exploration

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What’s really out there past the Earth’s atmosphere? I’ve always wondered that as an adolescent. The mystery of the deep, the great unknown, is a concept that has always fascinated me and seized my attention. The implications of possible exploration of the far outreaches, seeing scenes and views no one else has ever laid their eyes upon, these adventures make my heart beat faster and my thoughts race. Outer space fascinates me because of the mystery, challenges, and possible exploration that are all intertwined within the fabric of space exploration. The mystery of the unknown has two effects on the human psyche. It either instills fear, or it inspires a feeling of awe and wonder. Outer space has the exact effect of the latter on me. It …show more content…

There is yet much area in need of contribution within the topic of space. Here scientists and engineers work together to try to discover more extraterrestrial secrets. Here is where technology is used to every iota in the mission to explore the heavenly bodies and outer reaches of space. In this massive area for work and contribution, I have possibility of contributing. I can assist in the search and solving of all of these mysteries. This is yet another way that outer space fascinates me. With the topic of outer space come many interesting and captivating questions and challenges to solve. And this is precisely what I plan to do. I myself want to become an aerospace engineer. I want in my future career and life to further the attempt to explore space. Someday I could work on space vehicles and tools that will be used to explore and learn about space. With this quest will come a lot of challenges, and perhaps one day I will help solve them. With solving these mysteries comes the most captivating part of all, the ability to personally explore space. There is a lot hovering about the idea of outer space that is all just knowledge and theories for now. There is not much that people have actually seen. As space is further and further researched and thought about, space exploration is becoming more possible. When space exploration becomes easier, more beautiful things will be seen and experienced that people have never experienced before.

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