The Importance Of Teamwork And Effective Communication

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Teamwork and effective communication are essential for patients to receive safe, quality care. The goal of healthcare workers are to communicate information in an effective and timely manner which in turn helps staff work as a team and coordinate care for patients. This was demonstrated effectively when Gary communicated the change in Mrs. Everett’s mental status. Failure to work as a team and convey pertinent patient information can cause harm and even death to patients.
Video #2 showed how being in tuned to your patient and working as a team can prevent adverse outcomes for patients. Healthcare is a complex system where many members contribute to the care of patients. This is a multidisciplinary team approach, but, the team members in the video all had a clearly defined goal and they work together to accomplish that goal. Gary was a lab technician, but Amy, the RN, listened to the information that Gary provided. There was a deference to expertise, this was very evident in the video. There was a mutual respect for Gary and the information he was providing. Team members must realize that every job is important in coordinating patient care, and to helping the team reach the goal of safe, quality, patient care. There has to be a shift of thinking from independency to interdependency. Multi-team members can also have a breakdown of communication and collaboration this can lead to patients receiving inadequate care and an increase in errors “Expertise is not necessarily…
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