The Importance Of Technology And Digital Media

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It is evident that society has surrounded itself with technology. Technology and digital media are mass media outlets that will ultimately affect our perception and ability to interpret and actively analyze messages. Unfortunately, nefarious characters with shady intentions can take advantage of this and spread false information. Thus, technology and digital media degrade the most common forms of discussion. The rapid expansion of technology and digital media leads to poor mental health, decreased quality of face-to-face communication, and the inability to discern false media sources. It is imperative that society acknowledges our decline in face-to-face communication and respond as a unified unit to strive to step away from technology and to interact with those around us more effectively.
Technology has expanded at an unprecedented rate. “Per the U.S. Census, 76% of households reported having a computer in 2011, compared with only 8% in 1984”. (Drago, 2015, p.2). Computers and digital media allow us to access information far more readily than ever before. From the introduction of computers, humans have adapted to this new technology, bringing it into our households and including them in daily routines, giving the ability to access digital information without needing to read it from a physical direct source. Long gone are the days where painstaking research meant going to the library and pouring through countless pages of research notes, papers, encyclopedias, and reference material. The need to find something is brought up and the cultivated 21st-century-instinct reverts individuals to Google or to other digital media outlets for our information. Digital media as well has expanded swiftly. From 2005 to 2009, participation in digital networking sites more than quadrupled” (Chou, Hunt, Beckjord, Moser, Hesse, 2009, pg.1). Digital media is expanding at a stunning rate, but not always for the better.
From the statistics introduced, we can see the rapid expansion of technology and digital media. Digital media stemming from technology is one of the culprits to human’s issues. Digital media is not all bad; it gives individuals the opportunity to reacquaint past relationships, express emotion, and keep friends and
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