The Importance Of Technology And Future Education

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John Dewey once said, "If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." Technology is advancing and becoming a bigger part of our lives on a daily basis. Limiting students' use of technology would be a disservice to them. It is my belief that technology is an essential 21st century skill, which is why in my classroom it will be implemented to the fullest extent as a supplement to in class instruction. It is my goal for all my students to leave the classroom having at least a moderate understanding of how to use technology in their future education and in their everyday lives.
I hope to teach high school English. In an ideal world, each of my students would have their own laptop, chrome book, or iPad to work on during class time. To prepare my students for online standardized tests I plan to implement online quizzes whenever applicable. For example, in order to gain an understanding of what students learned during the days lesson, I may use a google form at the end of class as an exit ticket. I may also create a google form to help students review material before an exam. In addition, I plan to create a website/blog for students to post their work on so that other students can view it and provide their peers constructive feedback. This will create a safe space for students to both share their accomplishments and to receive feedback from peers. After a few years the website/ blog will further serve as an archive for my current students to look at

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