The Importance Of Technology In The Shallows By Socrates

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Technology and the internet is amusing, intriguing, and powerful. But have you ever thought about what these things are doing to us? Is it slowly drifting us away from who we really are, or is it letting us open new ways to success? In the book The Shallows, it said that Socrates didn’t like the idea of written words, “-but he argues that a dependence on the technology of the alphabet will alter a person’s mind, and not for the better...writing threatens to make us shallower thinkers, he says, preventing us from achieving the intellectual depth that leads to wisdom and true happiness.” (55) Perhaps, his thinking and point of view describes more than what happened in the past, if only he can see what technology is doing to us now. As Socrates described us as shallow, it opens our eyes to see how much our community relies on technology now. Anywhere you go, everyone has a phone, apple watch, or any mobile device. People now a days can’t imagine a life without technology or the internet, we can compare that to when clocks were brought into society. We can’t imagine life without the clock, and we can connect that to our technology now. This connects to how we communicate, us human beings were always shaped to interact with other human beings, but we tend to find ourselves interacting with the technology that is just one reach away. For example, in the book they use the Apple Siri, we give her all the traits of a real person and conversate with her very often. Technology is
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