The Importance Of The Academic Program At Berea College

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The diverse set of opportunities students have access to through the academic program at Berea College instills in them all the qualities necessary for success after graduation. If a student is willing to work hard enough, Berea can provide them with all the tools they need to achieve their goals. The general education requirements, internship and study abroad opportunities, and wide range of extra-curricular activities students have access to help to develop skills for academic success in college, and in their professional life after graduation.
General education requirements such as the GSTR sequence help students build the academic tools they will need to have a successful college career, such as analysis, critical thinking, reasoning …show more content…

The variety of Internships available through Berea provide real work experience and career-related learning opportunities to ambitious students. Internships are something I am personally very interested in, specifically because I have always wanted to intern for the FBI. Because I am currently not decided on a major, the ability to intern is very appealing because it would provide me a glimpse into a possible career. Berea supports students who are interested in off-campus learning opportunities with limited institutional funds to help support student internships. This financial help combined with support from advisors and other faculty allows every student the ability to have a successful internship. There are many positive skills to be gained from internships. Intrapersonal communication, leadership skills, and conflict resolution, for example. An internship gives students the opportunity to start developing these skills for the workforce earlier than most; having these vital skills developed at the start of entry to the workforce gives students a head start to excel in their field.
When applying, one of the things about Berea that attracted me the most was the incredible amount of opportunities for students who want to study abroad. Every faculty member I’ve met has encouraged me to study abroad, because it will never be as affordable or as rewarding as it is for a student here. Before I graduate, I would

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