The Importance Of The Internet On The Internet

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When we get on the internet, there are certain things we expect. We expect to be able to search anything, connect to any website we want and basically be in control of what we do. Without net neutrality, we would no longer be able to search or look at what we want. Net neutrality states that internet providers must treat all data on the internet the same and not discriminate or charge differently by any means. This means that internet service providers (ISPs) cannot prioritize certain types of data or companies. The internet is so vital in todays society and without net neutrality there may not be access to some of the programs used everyday for both work and schooling. Having net neutrality allows people to have the freedom to express their selves. Any legal website is allowed to run thanks to net neutrality. Businesses, services, and even bloggers can set up a customized page to fit the image of their products. With these websites, there is not any censorship as long as the content being offered meets legal standards. When illegal content is discovered, we can report the content to law enforcement officers. Without this freedom of expression, the internet could become a more corrupt place. Not only does net neutrality create the freedom of expression, but it allows there to be an equal playing field. While net neutrality is a factor in this society, internet service providers cannot block access, change services or alter the flow of data simply because they do not like

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