The Importance Of Uniforms In Schools

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Students from schools with a uniform policy say that uniforms have affected the way they feel about themselves in an unsatisfactory way. Uniforms are proven to slow down the transition into becoming an adult because students are not used to choosing their own clothing. Wearing a uniform opens an opportunity for students to judge each other’s bodies based on how they look and it creates room for drama and bullying. The uniforms can also obstruct a student from expressing themselves. Schools should not require a school uniform policy because they delay the transition into adulthood, they cause students to compare their bodies and bullying each other, and uniforms restrict a student’s self-expression and personality. School uniforms delay a…show more content…
Teachers were unsure and waited until the principal arrived, who announced that during the month of Ramadan it was compulsory for all students to wear traditional Malay costumes. Many students went home to change, and one boy wearing a tracksuit lived too far away from the school and could not go home. He sat on the ground in the corner of the yard humiliated and crying while he was teased by other students for being bodoh (stupid, ignorant) for wearing the wrong uniform” (Mahlangu). Because this happened once, means it could be happening anywhere else where school uniforms are required and it can really make children feel discouraged. Lastly, school uniforms restrict a student’s self-expression along with their personality, and this is the final reason why they should be banned. Kids who must wear these school uniforms have their own opinions as well. One woman spoke to students from a school that requires school uniforms and there was a debate to repeal the policy and this is what was said, “The next meeting of the Good Schools Committee isn't for another month, but some students are already urging a no-uniform decision. “I wouldn't like it because then I can’t be myself, and I'm really weird," said Jade Cressman, 15, a Cameron Heights student. "You express yourself through your clothing and wearing a uniform takes away from that,” Melissa Niemoller, 18, of Cameron
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