The Importance of Employee Empowement Essay

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Today’s employees have a longing to have a voice in the decisions that they make day in a day out. Management’s move from primary decision maker to that of a facilitator is a process that is recognized as employee empowerment. Employee empowerment can be described as being a push of the authority to make decisions down to the frontline employees. Rather than responding to the orders they are given, these employees accomplish results by taking personal responsibility of their duties. “Cultures that support empowerment encourage managers to be facilitators, catalysts, coaches, developers and enablers of others rather than just decision making authorities” (McCrimmon Ph.D., 2011).
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Toyota’s dedication to employee empowerment and quality has allowed the company to become the world’s third largest automobile manufacturer.
Toyota's philosophy of empowering its workers is the centerpiece of a human resources management system that fosters creativity, continuous improvement, and innovation by encouraging employee participation, and that likewise engenders high levels of employee loyalty. Knowing that a workplace with high morale and job satisfaction is more likely to produce reliable, high-quality products at affordable prices. (Liker n.d.)
In 2001, Toyota published 14 management principles. Since their publication, they have had an influence on virtually every Fortune 500 company. They're essential reading for any manager interested in leadership and innovation of which # 6 is “Standardized tasks and processes are the basis for continuous improvement and employee empowerment.(Fowler 2013)
Employees need to feel like they are participating in the well-being of the company or organization. They want to know that they are making a contribution to the organization’s success and that they are really making a difference in the world. In organizations that provide employees with the freedom and flexibility to make a difference, employees feel empowered to deliver high quality work
According to Wagner & Harter (2006), increased levels of employee satisfaction causes higher levels of

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