The Importance of Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction is a key factor that leads to success in the world of corporations. Job satisfaction is defined as, “the extent to which people like or dislike their jobs”. It can influence a company at the individual level, the group level and even to the point of impacting a corporation as a whole. Employee contentment can also affect a company on the economic level. Job satisfaction influences nearly every aspect of a corporation. Therefore, understanding job satisfaction is important to the success of a company. It is important to be aware of what job satisfaction really is, the positive effects of job satisfaction, and the negative effects of job dissatisfaction. The more that you become familiarized with an understanding of …show more content…
This would mean for a manager to have employees that are satisfied with their jobs, he would need to motivate them and provide a very clean, hygienic work place. This would help to explain why often people who are employed in gas stations are likely to have a lower level of contentment with their jobs. A gas station environment is likely not be as hygienic, and in addition does not provide a great deal of motivation for those working there. The two factors of hygiene and motivation seem very different, but actually they complement each other and work together to help provide job satisfaction. However, this theory is highly debated with experts. Some think that it is false due to the fact that this theory is not considering differences in regard to individual preferences. The main argument is that if the Affect Theory were taken into full account, then this would only be a small factor that affects only some people, rather than all employees The Job Characteristics Model, or JCM, is the framework that ultimately links many of the previous models together. It breaks down job satisfaction into five main characteristics. These are “skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback”. These characteristics can also be seen as motivators in the workplace. The model also states that these characteristics are what decide the psychological

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