The Importance of Leadership Behavior Traits

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Behaviors are responses to many kinds of stimuli and inputs. In humans, the nervous and endocrine systems control behavior. Traits can be characteristics and they can be biological. A trait as a characteristic is a feature of an object or being. A trait as it refers to biology, is an observable characteristic that can be passed genetically, biologically determined, or both. The paper will refer to leadership behavior traits as they describe characteristics and in the biological sense of the phrase. The paper refers to leadership behavior traits in human beings and in a species of monkey.

Keywords: psychology, behavior, traits, leadership, theory, hereditary, genetic

Leadership Behavior Traits The behavior trait this paper focuses upon is leadership. Behaviors are actions and mannerisms generated by all organisms, natural and artificial, as well as systems. Beings exhibit leadership on minor and major levels daily. Some organisms, such as humans exhibit leadership behavior traits so often and on so many levels that most may not have awareness of such traits in themselves or in others. The paper focuses on leadership because leadership is a critical behavior trait in the lives of all organisms. The exhibition of strong leadership behavior traits in any species determines a great deal of social hierarchy within that species'…
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