Self Assessment Of Leadership Behavior

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As I reflect back on my Air Force career, especially my current duty position as the Section Chief of the Small Air Terminal at Hill Air Force Base. I realized that I am a Management by Exception-Active (MBE-A) this came to me after I reviewed my Electronic Self-Assessment of Leadership behavior. At my current assignment I keep my subordinates and processes in control and I enforce all the Air Force standards as well as local policies in my organization. When it comes to the mission I avoid unnecessary risks and always ensure the mission is complete. My goal for the next three to five years is to improve my leadership effectiveness and become a transformational leader using the five most valuable concepts I learned in Course 15. These concepts are avoiding conflict, cognitive flexibility, communication, subordinate-centered communication and mediation.
The first step to achieving my goal of becoming a transformational leader is for me to be a more assertive and active leader in my unit. In order to reach that, I need to stop my avoidance of conflict. This is going to take me voicing my opinion as well as challenging any decisions made from my supervisor that could potentially impact my section negatively and I will also encourage my subordinates to do the same. This is going to allow me to analyze all the current processes and streamline them as I see fit, without being afraid of getting into conflicts with my leadership and peers. This will help me with my

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