The Incorporation of Aviaton Assets to Help Support Ground Operations in the Battlefield

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Over the course of history, the battlefield has changed with technology. The incorporation of aviation assets to help support ground operations has created many benefits. Close air support for joint operations provides over watch and security with great firepower and precision. Another great benefit is the ability for medical evacuation, support, and resupply. The combination of air assets with ground forces aids in battlefield momentum and domination over the enemy when performed without hesitation. An example of air and ground forces complimenting each other would start in the planning phase with intended joint use participants. Next would be the employment of an insertion team days before an operation. This team would collect human intelligence by over watching possible targets in the area, routines identified, and gathering information from locals. All information would be forwarded to high headquarters and used for planning future operations. The ground team is tasked with the important mission of maintaining eyes on the objective as well as security with local support by fire as needed when the mission dictates. While the team is in place, ground assets would push out and start to establish traffic control points. The incorporation of presence patrols just outside the area to restrict the flow of traffic and potential for possible targets to leave the area of interest. Utilization of biometrics would also be incorporated to ensure that other unknown
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