The Inequality of the United States' View on Same Sex Marriage

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The National anthem of the United States specified “…And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” The United States is reputable for its right to equality; an icon of hope, independence, and the chance to live a nondiscriminatory life and to benefit many of the opportunities. This country was founded on equality and the belief that everyone should have the same opportunities. As a country the United States has seen many protests when it comes to the with issues of equality, from the Women’s Rights Movement to equality for African Americans, and many still remain. A sense of assurance has been created in having our rights secured by means of historic documents and laws. However, …show more content…

The line may be blurred when it comes to politic; many conservatives are against same sex marriage; while liberals are fighting for the right to have equal opportunity. The Christian politicians are using religious opinions to establish that homosexuality is a disgrace. While this may be their belief, this country was founded on religious freedom, meaning that people are permitted to worship how they see fit or to not worship. A ground rule, set up from the very foundation of this country that states a separation needs to be made between religion and government, so the two shall never be combined. We may all have a different opinion to what is what we think is ethical, but it might be safe to reason that we can agree that it’s unfair for people to be treated differently for being of different race, ethnicity, physical traits, and that the government should not discriminate against residents or visitors in that country because they have what would be considered an “unusual” sexual orientation. The constitution is considered to be one of the greatest manuscripts written in the history of the United States. An article of that manuscript requires each State to recognize the public acts, archives, and litigations of other States. So, as soon as one State legalizes gay marriage, like it has already happened in California since 2008, other states have to respect the unions taken place there. That means many

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