The Influence Of Adolf Hitler Changed The World

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Adolf Hitler changed the world by using his unique speech and tactics to persuade people all over Europe to follow him which eventually led to Hitler becoming the greatest conqueror of the 20th century. Before Hitler was born, people all over the world thought Europe was the ‘center’ of the world because of the advancements in technology, military, and the economy. When Hitler was born he was unknown to the world because he had yet to make his appearance as an adult. After Hitler had risen to power, Europe was still the center of attention but in a different way than anyone had ever expected. Hitler’s actions forever changed the way of politics, war, and even a simple idea like hatred. Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria. From a young age Hitler longed to be an artist, but with a father as a government officer art was not in Hitler’s future. The arguments between Hitler and his father of pursuing a government job would always be in the back of Hitler’s mind, therefore fueling his anger. His father’s disapproval caused Hitler to want to rebel; he started to fail assignments in school and dropped out at the age of sixteen. Hitler did not look for nor did he even want a job. His father had passed away, but Hitler still did not help support his family even though he loved his mother dearly. Hitler then tried to gain acceptance into an art academy but failed. The unfortunate events troubled Hitler for the rest of his life. To add to the stress and anger
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