The Integration Of The European Union

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Modern culture commonly exceeds the boundaries of individual nation states through processes such as globalisation, improvement in technologies and the rise in free trade; leading to the concept of transnationalism (Waldinger, 2013). Transnationalism involves interactions linking people or institutions across the borders of many nation-states (Crang et al, 2003). Transnationalism is intrinsically linked to mobility; mobility is the ongoing and continuous cross-border movements in which people develop and maintain economic, social and cultural links in more than one nation, mobility (this sentence is too long but I’m not sure how to change it so it still makes sense) facilitates transnationalism with enables Europeanisation (Ernste, 2009). …show more content…

As a result, integration allows Europe to increase their economic output, because as Hansen and Jonsson (2014) argue West Europe lacks the natural resources necessary to become a viable economic power to compete globally. The Schengen agreement of 1995 therefore facilitates trade, transnationalism and Europeanisation because it enables workers, particularly lorry drivers, to move easily across the continent.
Medrano (2012) argues that integration processes are difficult because of the diversity within the EU, the rise of Euroscepticism, and the shift in the balance of power of national institutions from domestic parliaments to a European parliament. Fligstein (2012) mentions that in 2004 only 3.9 per cent of people who lived in Europe viewed themselves as European, this is very damning in suggesting that the processes of EU integration have failed because no one identifies themselves as European. Raunio (2011) also echoes this sentiment; he comments that national governments are the gatekeepers of EU integration; however, the consistent enlargement of the EU has made this task more difficult, leading to the conclusion that integration has resulted in the loss of control that domestic governments have over their decisions

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