The International Conference On Population And Development

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Module 5 Homework Assignment SOC 250: Society and Technology Jordan Mellott Professor Darin Molnar Allied American University December 6, 2015 Part I: In researching the International Conference on Population and Development held in Cairo in September 1994, I have found that its focus was based upon bringing the world 's attention to that of various things. This included that of the effects of religion, methods of family planning, and women 's status in the world; however, the biggest and widely debatable topic at the conference was that of abortion. This conference also introduced various strategies to the world that influenced countries to include influencing the drafting of national position papers, produced useful…show more content…
This then will holds our population to maintain its current numbers longer along with an increase from that of newer generations being born. There are several reasons of why applying the concept of population carrying capacity is difficult to apply to the human population. This includes that humans are able to adapt and we are able change our food source depending on availability. We are also use variety of resources ; however, when our resource run out we import it from another location or substitute it for another resource. We have also discovered technological advances and agricultural techniques that allow for us to maximize the productivity of agricultural land. Some of the dynamics of food supply for the increasing human populations include ways that our population must learn to increase yields. This includes increasing the use of urban farming in cities, avoid planting mono-cropping, reducing food waste, and increasing human consumption of grains and less of meat due. Part II: In researching why population growth is more rapidly growing in the lower developed countries and will account for most of the new population by 2025, I found that this is due to various reasons. This includes that of lack of education or family planning in females in these countries. Once the these countries began to make advances in things such as decreasing infant mortality rate, better housing conditions, better sanitation practices, and advancements in the
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