The Internet And E-Commerce

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Our new technology driven society has brought change in many aspects of everyday life, one of the major and most altering advances of this era is the World Wide Web. Through this development the internet has established itself as one of our most used tools of technology, especially when it comes to the ease of using it in the world of business whilst creating one of its fastest growing markets, ecommerce. “Even in categories with relatively unchanged products, companies have leveraged technology to streamline production and create new efficiencies” (Kelly, M., Williams, C. (2018, Page 11). There are many areas in the United States and its markets that had been affected by the web and the spread of ecommerce, I will be touching on online shopping and how businesses have had to change in order to market for ecommerce driven demand, also commenting on the new opportunities in business that have been created in order to sustain demand and supply of ecommerce.
According to an article on published on February of 2017, “e-commerce sales are poised to fall between $427 billion and $443 billion, based on Census Bureau data”, from this information one can see that US consumers have been very favorable to ecommerce. The reason online business have transformed supply and demand is due to the hassle-free experience it has become, one no longer has to deal with the annoyance of having to be physically at a store furthermore it’s made competitive prices the vanguard

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