The Internet History, Development And Forecast

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Homework Assignment #1
Name: Suraj Bhatia
Subject: TELE5330 15890 Data networking
Topic: ‘The Internet History, Development and Forecast’ by Dr. Leonard Kleinrock

Internet. Interconnection of networks. But it’s the former term millions of users use for probably the greatest invention in the field of technology. Well, that’s my opinion. After viewing Dr. Leonard Kleinrock’s speech on ‘The Internet History, Development and Forecast’ at Infocom 2006, it was really hard to believe that it took almost a decade for people then to realize its importance. As mentioned in his speech, though the ground work for Internet was initiated in 1957, it was not till 1966 that ARPA needed an Internet-like network for their functioning. It is quite unimaginable to think of today’s world without having access to the Internet. People are connected to the Internet for accessing their professional and social content while organizations may have their entire foundation built on it. It is definitely worth looking into something this huge and important, discussing its history, assessing the present and preparing for its future. In the next two paragraphs, on the basis of Dr. Klienrock’s presentation I have discussed the impact, be it good or bad, right or wrong the Internet has had on the way our daily business is conducted.
I like the way Dr. Klienrock has put it, ‘It is the people and the culture that has kept the Internet going on’. He has stated many positives, so let’s discuss each one with an

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