Essay on Where did privacy go?

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Media Article Dan Tynan, “Your Facebook profile may be sold by a Russian hacker”, PC World website, 26th April 2010. Section A – Presentation of the issue The first decade of the second millennium has seen a technological and communicational boom, something especially seen in everything which is inside or related to the internet. The internet and its facilities has become a very big part of the human of today as it is useful not only to individual people but to groups of people. The most popular form in which users get to use the internet these days is with social-networking. Social Networking is a way of communicating and sharing with other people throughout the internet. Popular pages these days of social networking are …show more content…

Then all the basic requirements come in handy, such as routers, cables, proxy servers and modems that make sure that the website connects all the way through the internet into your computer. (Strickland, 2007) It is right there where the hackers come to play. They may access the internet from any computer anywhere, whenever it is connected to it. There the hackers may use some coding skills or software to hack the profiles. They then can spy on passwords and user activities, known as phishing such as the Russian hacker who “successfully phished log ons for some 1.5 million facebookers” (Tynan, 2010). Section C – The impact of the issue The negative part of the privacy issue in the social-networking area is defined by the fact that many other unknown people out of the millions of users of Facebook are going to be able to see your profile details and information. Those who can and have malevolent ideas in their minds are going to be able to sell your information for a profit (Tynan, 2010), to either businesses who take advantage of it or to use it in criminal and unlawful ways, therefore endangering the security and reputation. “With so much personal information being shared on the Web, people are becoming more aware of how their online activities can build and ruin reputations” (Gonsalves, 2010) of the users of the social networking website. “If your image is on the Web, chances are your visual anonymity has been

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