The Intra Trade Of The European Union

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The Analysis of The Intra Trade in The European Union
The purpose of the paper is to make an outline and have an insight of the intra trade among the EU’s members. In this paper, first we will study how the EU’s trade structure became what it is today. Second, we will make a brief comparison between EU’s industry and the American’s industry, to show EU’s success on the intra trade among its members. 1.The outline of the trade within the European Union.
The EU’s members have built developed economic connections and have deepened the trade with other member states. Geographically and economically, EU’s intra trade has shaped a circular pattern (Hu & Zheng, 2004). The EU members could be divided in four types: the core, the inner ring, the middle ring and the out ring (Hu & Zheng, 2004). Up to 2004, Germany took up almost 20 percent of the import and export share within EU and locates in the center of the Western European, acting as a core in the EU market (Hu & Zheng, 2004). France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Britain contribute near 40 percent, totally, of the market share within the EU and surround Germany, as the inner ring of the pattern (Hu & Zheng, 2016). In the EU intra market, the Germany and the inner ring countries hold near 70 percent of the market share, and the rest of the 18 EU members geographically lie outside, looing like the middle ring and the out ring, which hold comparatively less share in the EU intra market (Hu & Zheng, 2016).
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