The Is A Diversity As Well Essay

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“I think when one becomes identified with a label that’ll become all anyone sees; the expansiveness and breadth of the all of who you are suddenly hidden from view. I look to the entire history of the label and how it came to be. Our Western world likes to compartmentalize putting everything into simplistic categories. Now they have such terms as ‘neurotypical’ and ‘neurodivergent’, separating the entire human population on the plant into two categories. I would say that ‘neurotypical’ is a diversity as well.” - Kurt Muzikar, Introduction to Bozo to Bosons. (“73 Favorite Quotes”, 2016.)

According to Nason (2014), autism, in its simplest definition, is an “information processing disorder.” (p 45.) Our brains are all wired differently and how we take in and process information is therefore different. Those with autism may experience cognitive problems with rapidly processing multiple information simultaneously, focusing on little details, interpreting information, executive functioning (planning, organizing, following through) and abstract thinking or problem solving. (Nason, pg 45 and 46.) Living in a fast paced world, these unique individuals feel like outsiders, unable to keep up with what mental capabilities they have. During normal brain development, the formation of synapses, or the connections between brain cells, occurs. A new published brain-tissue study suggests that children affected by autism have a surplus of these synapses. (“Asperger 's syndrome”, 2016.)
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