The Is A Norton Antivirus Program For Multiple Handheld Systems

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I chose this advertisement because of the whole family scene and also because it contains no macho man stuff. It is from a Wired magazine September 2014 issue on page 5. What they are attempting to make you buy is a Norton Antivirus program for multiple handheld systems to protect transmitted information. The main message is to use the software to keep connected with family safely. The dominant view is of the supposed father and his son sharing a cherished moment. The woman figure or mother is not being heard in this advertisement as it is shown from the male role model 's perspective. The background displays either a relaxing moment or an adventure that could easily be replaced with an amusement park scene or any other event. The wording communicates the empowerment of protecting what you care about. The font displays bright yellow for the product resemblance as well as pretty sharp and standard lettering in a white format where nothing is too decorated. This image sort of displays a father son moment, either a busy family or possibly a separated couple sharing a child. The father seems a little grungy so I am just implying the separation. This even could be an uncle with his nephew or niece. The wording “Boldly Go” with the photo describes having an adventure and enjoying life with family without worry about personal information being lost or stolen. The emotional aspect displays kinship and being carefree because there are so many things in the world to worry about,

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