The Is A Wearable Flash Music Player With A Host Of Features

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The Muze is a wearable flash music player with a host of features that will make it truly the first of its kind. With the emerging popularity of wearable technology, the Muze’s new reflex technology screen and ability to share music sets this product apart from its competition. The Muze is an adjustable bracelet with a four-inch flexible display that wraps around the front of the entire surface of the device. The Muze will be sleek, lightweight, convenient and easy to use. The display is created from a new type of ultrathin, superfast, low-power, high-resolution, flexible retina display screen. The screen will allow users to view digital content in high resolution across the entire surface of the device with amazing responsiveness and …show more content…

Using Muze Lift, a screen appears on both users ' bracelet displays, allowing them to confirm what they want to send to each other. When two users bump their devices or swipe to send, software on the devices send a variety of sensor data to an algorithm running on both devices, which includes the location, accelerometer readings, IP address, and other sensor readings. The algorithm will figures out what devices felt the same physical bump and then transfers the information between those devices. Muze Lift has the ability to expand to include an app that will allow users to transfer money via PayPal or bank accounts by physically bumping two devices together. Although this product will initially be an unsought consumer product, through competitive pricing, advertising and distribution we intend to increase in consumer awareness and shift to a unique specialty product. (181) Packaging will be sleek, well designed and contain a similar color selection as other promotional tools. Fonts and designs will be the same across all marketing.
` The pricing of the Muze will be a major factor in the marketing mix and will have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line and ultimate success. With the high volume of wearable technology the Muze will be priced using prestige pricing to help promote a higher image quality. A price too low or status quo will led to the Muze being lost among the competition. The danger in

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