The Is The World Wide Web Is Invented By A Man Named Tim Berners Lee Essay

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The Web is composed of many languages, unspoken languages written in code. These languages take a short time to learn, but years to master; and unlike spoken languages they are constantly evolving at a noticeable rate. Changing to accommodate for the webs changing functionality, as it shifted from being only scholarly to include news, entertainment, socializing, and business. In its 28 year life span the web has evolved from the most basic HTML layouts to the high functioning responsive sites people are familiar with today. What is known as the World Wide Web was invented by a man named Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 (Toshniwal, 2004). He wanted to create a way for scientists and researchers across the world to be able to share documents. With the World Wide Web they would be able to download a collection of documents to a computer, and those documents would be connected to other related documents via hyperlinks (Longman). A hyperlink in a connection from one page to another by clicking it with a mouse, this can be done to images or text. It’s common for hyperlinked text to be underlined and a different color than the rest of the text.
When creating the World Wide Web Berners-Lee also created HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML is a text file that tells the web browser how a web page should be displayed and organized (Longman). He created HTML by drawing inspiration from the very first Markup language, Standard Generalized Markup Language(SGML) (Toshniwal,

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