The Unknown World of Web Design Essay

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Hundreds of thousands of people surf the internet every day visiting web sites like Facebook and Twitter. Though millions of web sites are all similar in a way, the average person overlooks the similarities. They are oblivious to an entire language that is so complex that it can be used to create the most beautiful and simple creations on the web. This language is used to create Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even your everyday blog. In order to understand this language fully one must spend countless hours behind a computer screen working through problems, going thought books, as well as looking though others work to see how they solved problems. This evolutionary language is known by today’s computer scientist as hypertext markup …show more content…

HTML was used to create web pages all over the internet making it into what it is today. It was not long after HTML was created that it was questioned as to whether or not it was advanced enough to keep up with the rapid advancement of the internet. This lead to closing the development on HTML by the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C in 1998. After the closing of development on HTML in 1998 the W3C began to work on a new project to replace HTML known as extensible hypertext markup language or XHTML. XHTML was used in the same way as HTML and was very similar. XHTML was designed to allow for more flexibility with design and lead the world into the 21 century with web design. All of the promises of XHTML were broken as the computer world put down XHTML and refused to show support for the new computer language. XHTML was mostly criticized for not being very forgivable in the way HTML was. If a couple lines were off in HTML the web page would generate without the content associated with the error or even figure out what the programmer was trying to say. This allowed for programmers to see exactly what was wrong without allowing for the average person to tell. XHTML was not forgivable and would not generate any content if a single line was wrong. This frustrated programmers as it cost them countless hours looking through lines and lines looking for that one error that was causing the whole page not to load. Not only did XHTML make

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