The Issues Of Discrimination And Harassment

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This essay explores the issues of Discrimination and Harassment, in particular, the legal obligations, protection and resources available to human service clients, within Australia and specifically Queensland. A particular level of knowledge is required by human services workers in regards to the judiciary system, legal accountabilities and statutory obligations, to provide the most appropriate level of care for clients of social workers. By describing how the legal framework is relevant to human service workers, their agency and the clients involved, this essay will allow for a better understanding into the world of Human Services.

Understanding the terms:
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Human services is a constantly changing field of work. It can be defined as 'providing for individuals of groups to ensure they meet significant human needs ' (Zins, 2015, p.7).
The judiciary system establishes and acts out the laws within the states and territories of Australia, as well as resolving legal disputes through a court system. The legal responsibility an individual or organisation has to an issue is referred to as legal accountability, and the requirements of legal obligation within an issue are the statutory obligations.
Knowledge of the judiciary system, legal accountabilities and statutory obligations are necessities for all human service workers. It is because of this, workers, agents and clients have the ability to eliminate discrimination and harassment out of society in the best way possible.
Who does discrimination and harassment affect?
The simple answer to "who does discrimination and harassment affect?" is, realistically, anyone. Every individual, society, organisation or group of sorts is at risk of being discriminated or harassed by another. Although this is not ideal, it is how society continues to work. The level of judgement and bias has changed drastically within the last century. The economic and cultural gap between Aboriginal Australians and European Australians is gradually decreasing, which is proving to have a positive outcome on the lives of those affected by discrimination and

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