The Issues Of Jeju Tourism

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Currently, the issues of Jeju tourism arise by the internal and external factors. The external factor is the massive Chinese tourists. As after the Korea government offer the visa-free access the Jeju Island for chinese tourists, it brings some issues for Jeju. The massive Chinese tourists bring some benefit on Jeju economy, but soon there arise some issues, such as crowded transport, depletion resource and local resident’s unsatisfied. The Jing Daily (2015) has posted an article ‘Tension Mounts as Chinese Tourists overtake Jeju Island’. In this article, it mentioned the issues arise by the mass Chinese tourists, related to economic, social and local cultural. The Chinese travelers have become the most profitable tourists in the world and some countries start to change their tourism regulation and policies to Chinese, such as Emirate allowed the extra baggage for Chinese tourists to shop (Ryan 2014). The South Korean government found the way to increase their tourism industry and grow their economy. They offer the visa-free access to Jeju Island for Chinese tourists which has an obvious benefit after this policy start. The Jeju provincial government director-Kim Nam-sun said that the increasing Chinese tourists help them raise tax revenue and built a world resort destination brand for Jeju (Nam 2015). However, as more Chinese tourists visit Jeju and more investment in Jeju, this lead to some Jeju residents worried about their local environment. As new casinos, hotels,

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