The It Girl Research Paper

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There was a magazine that produced “prefect girl’s bodies”, it takes you through each era. These photos show you how in the 1900’s how people wanted to be like Beyoncé, this was called the “it girl”. But now in the 2000’s the prefect figure has changed and now it is known as “The botty babe”, this is where it is relating to Nicki Minaj. This is where young girls are looking to change their bodies to look like these celebrities.
With all the press people trying to live up to this standard in today’s society, this is why suicide and mental health issues is on the high. Recent research showed that, (e.g. Trust for the Study of Adolescence, 2000) states that despite the concept of ‘girl power,’ young women still have lower self-esteem in early adolescence, which they are unsatisfied with their bodies.
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We get some who is very confident and others who don’t have any. But sometimes it is good to offer tasks or activities for young girls to boost their confidence. As Batsleer stated that, “Offering new opportunities and challenges is also a common method of building up self-confidence as young women try new activities, they grow in confidence to tackle new way of living that are within their grasp”.
However if a young girl is lacking confident issues as they are trying to live up to celebrity life’s this can take a huge part of a young person confidence. In my local youth centre, I believe running courses on self-confidence and self-esteem with young girls is critical as these young girls will talk to you once the relationship and trust is there. This can have a influence on young women’s experiences and identity. Jon Ord stated that, “Confidence grows as a result of a process of being engaged in the kind of things that make one feel good about oneself, developing skills, widening experience and achieving tasks”
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