The Japanese Traditional Society Essay

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Cultures can be differentiated on the basis of the relationship between communication in that culture and the interactants’ depending on the context in which it is presented (Adair et al, 2009). This essay will evaluate USA and Japanese business culture and the resulting behaviours. Using the set of bipolar scales by Hofstede (1993) and Trompenaars and Turners (1998) it will observe to varying degrees how business culture is closely tied to national culture using a set of bipolar scales, while Hofstede and Hall (Adair 2009) begin to consider historical and religious implications. Japan and USA are one of the largest economies in the world. Recently the United states- Japan alliance continues to be based on shared vital and interest and values (The World Bank 2014).
Time has meaning not just to individual but also to group as wholes or cultures. This has a significant implication on business. Societies have different approach and assumption towards cultures, so they approach time differently there are two images which can be extracted from the concept of time. Time can be legitimately perceived as a line of sequential events passing us at regular intervals or it can be conceived of as cyclical and repetitive, compressing past, present and future. (Trompenaars,1998).
Hofstede states that culture regularities can influence people’s behaviour which can attribute to other people’s behaviour. It’s crucial that there are conceptual problems in applying group level measure to an…