The Lady or the Tiger

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From my point of view, in this short story The Lady, or The Tiger?, the writer, Frank Stockton has included and narrated some of the characters. The characters are the people who responsible for the thought and actions in this short story. They are extremely important because they will help the readers to understand the whole parts of the story line through their actions. Each character has he/her own attitudes, mannerism and appearances or making it briefly, their personalities will greatly give an influence to the progress of the story line, starting from the beginning of the story until the end. In this short story, Frank Stockton has included some of the characters with different personalities to make this story more …show more content…

At the resolution, the writer does not tell the outcome of the short story either the princess has do overcome her jealousy towards the lady, and let her have him or choose the death for the young man because of her jealousy. Her jealousy will influence the outcome of the story.
The next theme is social status. From the beginning of the story, this theme already could be seen when the writer narrates the atmosphere and scenery of the kingdom with the life of the people. The social status here divides the royal family with the people. The serious relationship between these two groups is prohibited as this will give a bad image to the royal family. That’s why the young man is being trialled in the arena as his punishment when the love between the princess and himself has been known by the king.
Lastly, the theme that also can be interpreted in this short story is loyalty or we can said, blindly loyal. This theme covers up mostly the part starting when the young man has been accused and will be trialled in the arena. The young man loyal to the king’s command and does not dispute or argue about it. The people also blindly loyal to their king and no one questioned about the king’s command although they know that this is not fair for the young man.


First symbol is the arena itself. The arena symbolizes the place of judgement for an

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