The Language Barriers Of Communication

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language barriers in communication Every countries have their own language which make every people have a different and various language background and every people is participating in a business. Generally people do business dealing in their own native language but in these days there is many multinational companies are working and most of these are operating by the Europe and America.So for the communication to the local Operator and contractors of the company language is the biggest barrier for them for breaking this barrier companies use international language for communication. What you can do if you are not a native english speaker? try to observe the listener If people squeeze their eyes.This is often a body language not understanding to a speaker. Ask once, twice or even three times to the speaker on the off chance that you are not getting him To comprehend the discourse make inquiry much of the time. If you come from a English speaking background but didn’t use the formal English language. This is impossible that every person on earth can be able to understand english and also his native language.languages are one of the beauties of the world every part of earth have different languages but in international business communication we need to promote english as much as we can but on the other side we also have to accept it as a big challenge because approximately
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