The Law Of Dharma States

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According to Chopra, "The Law of Dharma states that we have taken manifestation in physical form to fulfill a purpose"(Chopra, 1994). Everyone that is living in this world has a purpose in life, even if they haven 't realized it yet. People all around the world have a reason for being alive. We all have a specific, unique talent that no one else has, or at least something that we do better than anyone else. Each person has their own unique way of living in this world and has many ways of doing things, whether it’s writing, singing, dancing, painting, speaking, and much more. Most of us need to rise and stand up to show the world what we are capable of doing. Perhaps by doing this, we will be able to help people around us find their purpose in life. The reason being is because we would be putting out an example for those who are not ready to begin something in their lives. Being at home doing nothing but sit around and have everything handed to you is no way of living. Why not attend school, find a job, do community service, or something productive that can benefit you and a lot of people out there that needs help. Use your unique talent to help manifest others in this world and help them find their own unique talent. My true purpose in life is to help people of all kinds with problems of all types. I love listening to people and helping them as much as I can. Being able to help people, makes me feel abundant about myself because not only am I making them content, but I am

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