The Laws Of The Commonwealth

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Many Historical events in the passed have played a role in how education came about and the need for teachers. For example, the Law of 1642 stating that “children knew the principles of religion and the capital laws of the commonwealth” has put in place the Law of 1647, also known as the Old Deluder Satan Act, due to parental neglect. (The Massachusetts Education Laws). Below is the Law of 1642: “It stated that parents and masters of those children who had been apprenticed to them were responsible for their basic education and literacy. All children, and servants as well, should be able to demonstrate competency in reading and writing as outlined by the governing officials. The idea behind this, once again, was that if all citizens…show more content…
This enacted the Law of 1647, which “required that towns of fifty families hire a schoolmaster who would teach children to read and write. Towns of a hundred families must have a grammar schoolmaster who could prepare children to attend Harvard College.” (The Massachusetts Education Laws). During this time education was forming more and becoming required. This meant the teachers became more of a high demand. The Massachusetts Education Laws state, “Perhaps even more surprising in the light of previous practice is that they were paid to do so, either by the government or individual parents and guardians. School was becoming more of a priority.” Another historical event that had an influence on education was the factory system. The Factory system was a new type of labor that required the use of machinery. This machinery could not be found in a household, so big factories were built to store them. With the factory system came long hours of wok, low wages, and unhappy people, as well as, unsafe circumstances. Also, the factory system employed mostly women and children because they didn’t have to pay them as much. (The Factory System). The Factory System article states: “Working hours were as long as they had been for the farmer, that is, from dawn to dusk, six days per week. Hours were
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