The Leadership Behavior Of Leadership

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Introduction There have been many studies on the subject of leadership and many different arguments or studies on the different styles of leadership. There are those that believe that leadership is something that one is born with and not something that is taught. Most professionals become familiar with their respective leadership style as well as the leadership style of others over a period of time. Research suggests leadership is a balanced combination of task and people concerns and orientation. Some say there is no one style of leadership suitable to all possible situations. Therefore, what is desired is the ability of a leader to choose the style of behavior that best fits the situation at hand (Kostovski, Bojadjiev, & Buldioska, 2015). This case study discusses the leadership behavior of two leaders, Ben Samuels and Phil Jones. (Yuki, 2012) categorizes Ben and Phil as demonstrating a task behavior or a relation’s behavior style of leadership. Consolidated Products is a medium-sized manufacturer of consumer products with non- unionized production workers. Consolidated Products was sold and was now operating under new ownership. After 10 years as a manager, Ben was asked to retire by new ownership and Phil was assigned as his replacement. This case analysis will review the following questions to assist with the analysis of this case study: ➢ Describe and compare the managerial behavior of Ben and Phil. To what extent does each manager display specific relations
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